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Automobile Insurance, Including Classic & Antique Cars


Even the best drivers can end up in an accident. No matter how careful you are, you cannot control everyone and everything else on the road. While you can’t plan for an accident, you can plan to have the best possible insurance coverage should one occur.   

First State Agency will help you navigate your options and select a car insurance policy that fits your family’s needs. Not only will we find the best coverage, we’ll sort through the many discounts our carriers provide to help you lower your premium costs. Depending on the company and your situation, you may save money based on your driving history, the safety rating of your vehicle, and the grades your student drivers receive in school. In addition, premiums drop if you are able to pay a higher deductible in the event of an accident.


Liability Insurance

Pays the cost of property damage and medical costs for other drivers, passengers or passersby. It also helps pay legal fees should you be sued over the accident

Personal Umbrella

The more you have, the more you stand to lose. A personal umbrella policy provides extra liability protection not supplied by your vehicle insurance.

Collision Coverage

Pays for damage your vehicle incurs in an accident. First State Agency will help you decide whether you need to carry collision coverage or not.

Comprehensive Coverage

Covers your car if it is vandalized, stolen, or damaged, but not if it is in a collision.

Medical Coverage

Typically pays medical expenses incurred by you and your passengers.

AAA Membership

You’ll enjoy peace of mind when you add AAA to your insurance policy. You’ll reap benefits like roadside assistance, plus travel! Available in Classic, Plus, or Premier.

Classic & Antique Automobile Coverage

Classic cars generally mean fewer trips on better roads at lower speeds, and your premiums will be adjusted accordingly. First State Agency provides classic and antique car insurance which provides key benefits that differ from regular vehicle insurance, including reduced premiums and agreed value coverage (what is was worth just before it was totaled).

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Whether you are looking for affordable insurance that protects you, your family, business, or employees, or need to file an insurance claim, reach out to the friendly, knowledgeable experts at  First State Agency.