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Home, Renters, Condo, and Flood Insurance

First State Agency will work closely with you to create a homeowner’s policy that is tailored to your family, your property, and your lifestyle. Your home is likely your largest investment and certainly one of the most meaningful. Any insurance agency can sell you a homeowner’s policy that claims to cover your home, personal belongings, and assets, but only First State Agency of Sauk Centre will be here to personally handle your claims and advocate on your behalf when the unthinkable happens.

Homeowner’s Insurance

We’ll help you find the coverage you need at a price you can afford by searching for discounts such as new home, security system, being claim-free, and insuring your vehicles with the same company. Examples of the policies we carry include:

Replacement Cost Coverage

Your homeowner’s policy will pay the necessary amount to rebuild or repair your house or other buildings, without depreciation, up to the covered amount. Further protection is available to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs should you ever have to rebuild your home, including:

Extended Limits Plan

Should the cost of returning your home to pre-loss condition exceed the policy’s coverage amount, this plan will extend payment up to 125% of the home’s policy amount.

Coverage A+ Plan

The maximum coverage from this plan equals the replacement cost at the time a claim is made. There is no cap!

Renters Insurance

If you are currently renting or subletting a single-family home, apartment, condo, duplex, loft, studio, townhome, etc., First State Agency can assist you in finding affordable property insurance that covers your belongings and provides liability protection against claims for such things as injuries that occur within the rental property (excluding injuries from structural damage).

Personal Possessions

For example, if someone breaks in and steals all of your things or a window is left open during a storm and the contents become wet and damaged, renter’s insurance will cover the cost of replacing these items.

Injuries and Lawsuits

For example, one of your guests falls and breaks the plate-glass window at the entrance to your apartment building, cutting his hand in the process. Your landlord bills you for the window and your friend bills you for medical costs. Your renter’s insurance will help pay for the cost of repairs, medical bills, and court fees.

Temporary Living Expenses

For example, your condo catches fire and you are forced to find temporary housing until your living quarters are restored. Renter’s insurance will cover the cost of lodging at a motel and reimburse you for meals above your normal costs.

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Whether you are looking for affordable insurance that protects you, your family, business, or employees, or need to file an insurance claim, reach out to the friendly, knowledgeable experts at  First State Agency.