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While being out on the open road and one with your motorcycle may be the source of your happiness, great insurance is the key to providing you with peace of mind. The experienced team at First State Agency will go to work to provide you with the coverage you need to protect you, your bike, and others on the road. We’re proud to offer our motorcycle enthusiast clients the lowest rates available when we factor in discounts for insuring multiple bikes and breaks for married or mature drivers.

Extend Your Coverage Throughout the Off-Season

Because motorcycles have become safer to ride and offer more features than ever before, they grow in popularity every year. But motorcycles aren’t practical transportation when temperatures drop, causing many owners to cancel insurance policies on them during the winter months or when they are being stored for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, thieves are aware that stored motorcycles are easier to steal and often focus their attention on garages and storage units that appear not to be used on a daily basis. By extending your insurance policy throughout the cold months, you may continue to protect your bike from fire, theft, or against malicious damage.

A Long History of Excellence

At First State Agency of Sauk Centre, MN, we know that what sets us apart from our peers is the long-lasting relationships we build with the people we serve. Since 1880, we have been providing area clients with trusted insurance policies at fair prices. Contact us today to discover how we can insure your peace of mine while you’re enjoying the open road.

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Whether you are looking for affordable insurance that protects you, your family, business, or employees, or need to file an insurance claim, reach out to the friendly, knowledgeable experts at  First State Agency.